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A Very Special Day in Our Lives

Over 50 Officers invited by Make-A-Wish Arizona Joined Jaxon and his Family​

Jaxon Landfair, a 17-year-old student from Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona, left this world in September 2019. Diagnosed with Leukemia in November of 2018, he fought a valiant fight against cancer spending his final months in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Make-A-Wish Arizona reached out to Jaxon to offer him a wish due to his critical illness. Instead of choosing to HAVE anything, to MEET anyone, to DO something, or to GO anywhere, Jaxon wanted “something that would last”. His wish, that he hoped to live to see fulfilled, was to create a college scholarship for a Basha High School student who, like himself, aspired to go into law enforcement. Make-A-Wish Arizona was proud to fulfill Jaxon’s wish by offering to fund the first scholarship. Jaxon’s family has created the Jaxon Foundation to continue doing the good that Jaxon desired by assisting more students in coming years to pursue careers in Law Enforcement.

The Chandler Police heard about Jaxon’s request from the Make-A-Wish team and, to show their support, wanted to attend the presentation of this WISH to Jaxon. As the word spread throughout the police communities…over 50 officers from DPS, Chandler, and Phoenix Police Departments gathered at the hospital to present Jaxon with a special badge, challenge coin, or a prestigious hat from their organization. It doesn’t stop there! The Phoenix Police Department had a helicopter drop down outside of the building so that Jaxon could see them, and their radio communication to Jaxon was We’ve got your back!

Less than 5 percent of the Make-A-Wish Arizona wishes annually are wishes to give back and Jaxon’s Wish was one of those selfless 5 percent; which makes Jaxon’s wish all the more special to the Jaxon Foundation.

Jaxon Landfair

Meet Jaxon

The reason Jaxon designated the scholarship for Law Enforcement is because he planned for several years to go into Law Enforcement after college.

13 Jaxon Landfair Scholarships Awarded and Counting

As of November 2023

2 of our scholarship recipients have graduated and are already serving in Arizona Law Enforcement agencies!


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Police Cadet Program


Police Cadet programs are designed for young men and women, generally between the ages of 14-20, who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Cadets receive training in a variety of aspects of law enforcement with the guidance and supervision of full time Police Officers. Experiences include participation in community service programs and interaction with a range of Police professionals including dispatchers, clerical personnel, and ride-alongs. One-to-one interaction with law enforcement professionals provides a unique opportunity for insight into a rewarding and challenging career in law enforcement.

The following programs are available for interested, qualified students. Contact information and qualifications for individual programs are included in this directory.


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"I want my Wish to be for something that will last."

Jaxon Landfair
September 2019



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