Thanks to Friends of the Foundation and a very successful Golf Tournament we were able to award another Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship!

For more about applying for the Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship Program and information about our Mentoring Program.

Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship Application Form

High School Senior –Kira Morris– is a recipient of a Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship.

Kira Morris has a long-held desire to become an FBI agent with a special focus in STEM. She was an honor student at Basha High School where she has excelled in their science curriculum. Kira is attending classes at the University of Arizona as a Junior with advance credits. She is from a law enforcement family and they are excited to know she is well on her way to a stellar career.

Kira holds Jaxon’s 3 Things as a guiding light to the way she leads her life and a career in law enforcement is the path she is eager to pursue.

A Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarship is Awarded

13 Scholarships Awarded

Sheyla Vasquez | Mesa Police Cadet

“My uncle has inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement. In 2010, my uncle was murdered on his way to this country. He was my only uncle. The reason why he was murdered was because of my aunt who was involved with the Sinaloa cartel…she owed money, and my uncle who had nothing to do with it was murdered. I suffered a lot after his death. He and many other innocent lives that die each year due to the drug war have influenced and pushed me to peruse a career in law enforcement.

My ultimate and only goal in law enforcement is to work as a Special Agent with the D.E.A and fight the drug war that has been increasing each year.” 

Jaxon Humanitarian Cadet Scholarship Application Form

Adham Rayyes | Scottsdale Police Cadet

“My school resource officer from middle school inspired me to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I remember looking up to her so much and she has helped me and just guided me through so much. She is part of the reason I’m doing it. The other half of the reason is because I really enjoy helping people. My whole life I feel like I’m always being put in situations where I have to help those who are in need. Another reason is being in today’s world, people are scared to become police officers because of the current societal and political situations. I want to be the change in the world, and to prove the stereotype wrong.

My goals once I become a police officer, are to go to SWAT then hopefully FBI and ultimately one of my really big goals is I want to make a change or a difference in my community. If I can make one person smile every day, then I’ll be happy. If I can change a whole community’s outlook on how bad they think police are, I think I can successfully say I completed my goal.”

Phoenix Police Cadet Recognized

The Jaxon Foundation is proud to provide financial support for Sandy Borbolla, a graduate of Barry Goldwater High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Sandy plans a career in Law Enforcement and values the hands-on training and community service experiences she had as a participant in the Phoenix Police Cadet program.
“The Phoenix Cadet Academy is designed as a high stress law enforcement training environment; where integrity, accountability, respect and a positive attitude are a "must need" in order to graduate. Cadets are pushed to their limits and then beyond, both physically and academically. Sandy is one of our top performers and continues to log many hours of community service. She is a good example to the other cadets as she stays within the expectations and policies of the program and is highly thought of among her peers, command staff, and other program advisors.”

Officer David Barrios
Community Engagement Bureau Cadet Program Advisor Phoenix Police Department

From L to R: Officer David Barrios, PHX PD, Cadet Sandy Borbolla, Officer Jamie Brooks, PHX PD

Law Enforcement Training Academy

An Intense, Highly Accountable And Challenging Training Program

The Jaxon Foundation is proud to announce financial support for the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy. The Academy is an intense, highly accountable and challenging training program certified by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (Arizona POST). The program is designed for students who are seeking employment as a peace officer (Law Enforcement officer) in Arizona. The Academy has placed graduates in career positions with over 30 Arizona Law Enforcement agencies including Chandler PD, Scottsdale PD, Mesa PD, Gilbert PD, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Apache Junction PD, Tempe PD, Arizona Department of Public Safety, City of Maricopa PD, and many more. Many of these students have previously been in other career fields and elected to change their path.

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Jaxon Foundation Programs

Jaxon’s Wish for a scholarship for a Basha High School student has become the cornerstone to programs that will open doors for students from schools across Arizona who want to pursue careers in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. In addition to financial support, scholarship recipients will be connected to Law Enforcement professionals who will serve as Mentors during their academic year.

The Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarships honor former Basha High School student Jaxon Landfair. During Jaxon’s attendance at Basha High School he was involved in Marching Band, Concert Band, and Multimedia Film. In November 2018 he was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) and finished out that school year off campus. His battle with cancer did not deter him from fully enjoying life and his intent was to pursue a career in Law Enforcement after college. He never lost hope and always maintained a positive outlook on life. When Make-A-Wish Arizona® asked Jaxon to share his one true wish, he told volunteers he wished for “something that would last”. His decision? To create a college scholarship for his fellow Basha High School students was something Make-A-Wish Arizona® was excited to help launch by funding the first scholarship.

The Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarships are payable to the participating College, University, or Academy. All students who are enrolled in their Senior year at an accredited Arizona High School OR planning to attend college in Arizona, are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Every scholarship recipient will be connected with a Jaxon Mentor who will provide guidance throughout the scholarship period including scheduling opportunities for the recipient to visit with other Jaxon Mentors in a variety of Law Enforcement fields.

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Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship

Application Procedure

  • Applicants must be pursuing a degree in a Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice field.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Financial Need
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of community service or documentation of participation in religious or church related activities in the prior 12 months.
  • Applicant must submit a 500 word essay showing that you are familiar withJaxon’s Three Things. Include how you have applied them in your life or how you intend to.
  • Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview with the Jaxon Foundation Review Board.
  • Deadline for completed Applications are April 1st and October 1st.
  • Complete the form below or send completed Application to:

Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship Application Form

Jaxon Humanitarian Cadet Scholarship Application Form



As important as providing financial support is to our scholarship recipients, the Jaxon Mentors provide support and guidance throughout their scholarship year and beyond. Every Jaxon Scholar is paired with a Law Enforcement professional.

Jaxon Foundation Mentors are select Law Enforcement professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise. All are committed to supporting the success of scholarship recipients as they pursue their career path. The Jaxon Mentors will also schedule unique learning opportunities for the Jaxon Scholars to participate in a range of workplace environments alongside other Law Enforcement professionals. 

Jaxon Mentors Program

Jaxon Humanitarian Scholarship Application Form

Jaxon Humanitarian Cadet Scholarship Application Form




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