Jaxon's 3 Things

Weeks before Jaxon’s passing, when we all believed Jaxon would return home to the normal life of a 17 year old boy, Jessica and I were sitting on Jaxon’s bed talking to him. He had had tubes down his throat for about a week so we had no communicating other than by text. A few weeks before, I loaded a bunch of “life” pictures of Jaxon on the Fire Stick that we used on his hospital room TV. They were on his screensaver slide show anytime there was not something else playing.

I asked Jaxon if he knew why I had all those pictures of him on there and he said, “It makes me wish I had a second chance”. That comment hit us hard but what he said next was truly amazing. I asked him what he would do differently with a second chance in life. He had obviously put a lot of thought into this before I asked. His answer came immediately:

  1. I would care less about what other people think of me
  2. I would care more about how I make other people feel
  3. I would live life to the fullest

There was silence as I considered what he said. My response was “those 3 things are actually how all of us should be living our lives”.

We realized so many life lessons in those final months spending time with Jaxon…lessons inspired by Jaxon.

If your life was composed by 180 pictures what would your story be? For us, delivering Jaxon’s Final Wish to connect aspiring young people to a career path in Law Enforcement, has become our life focus. The image of Jaxon surrounded by law enforcement officers is a legacy that we wish to share with everyone. And images of young men and women who begin their careers in Law Enforcement and go on to impact many lives will begin to populate this website. We appreciate your support.

The following is from a Blog that Jaxon’s parents, Jay & Jessica, created to keep friends and family up to date on Jaxon’s journey through care and treatment. This became a thread of over 140 pages of postings and comments – excerpt is from page 124 on September 9, 2019.


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