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Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarship​

Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarship

The Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarships honor former Basha High School student Jaxon Landfair. During Jaxon’s attendance at Basha High School he was involved in Marching Band, Concert Band, and Multimedia Film. In November 2018 he was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) and finished out that school year off campus. His battle with cancer did not deter him from fully enjoying life and his intent was to pursue a career in Law Enforcement after college. He never lost hope and always maintained a positive outlook on life.  When Make-A-Wish Arizona® asked Jaxon to share his one true wish, he told volunteers he wished for “something that would last”. His decision? To create a college scholarship for his fellow Basha High School students was something Make-A-Wish Arizona® was excited to help launch by funding the first scholarship.

The 2021 Jaxon Landfair Humanitarian Scholarships are awards of $6,300.00 for two semesters tuition payable to the participating College, University, or Academy.  All students who are enrolled in their 2021 Senior year at an accredited Arizona High School are eligible to apply for a scholarship. 

Every scholarship recipient will be connected with a Jaxon Mentor who will provide guidance throughout the scholarship period including scheduling opportunities for the recipient to visit with other Jaxon Mentors in a variety of Law Enforcement fields. 

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Application Procedure

  • Applicants must be graduating May 2021 and pursuing a degree in Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Financial Need
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of community service or documentation of participation in religious or church related activities in the prior six months.
  • Applicant must submit a 500 word essay showing that you are familiar with “Jaxon’s Three Things”.  Include how you have applied them in your life.
  • Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview with the Jaxon Foundation Review Board.